Wednesday, 9 June 2010

Mens Funky Watches

Plastic Watches

Made popular by the brand Toy Watch, these men's watches are the most popular watch out there at the moment. Most plastic watches are the same, but im going to recommend Brighterman. Highly affordable and great quality.

I currently have a few colours. Simply because I can then easily accessorise with the outfit im wearing. For example, im now wearing a Yellow Polo Shirt with a Yellow plastic watch. Simple but effective!

LED Watches

LED Watches really bring back that old school look. These, along with binary watches seem to become highly popular in the last year. A lot of brands jumped on the bandwagon, and adjusted the design slightly for uniqueness. A good example was adidas, who sold some great LED Watches.

LED Watches with the rubber straps and great to add colour. You can buy solid colour straps which can be used the same way as the plastic watches. The popularity for these is dieing out, so expect to see reduced prices!


I predict mens plastic watches are going to remain popular until the beginning of 2011 before new styles come out. Out of all the ranges if you want to play safe go for a plastic watch, as these aren't going to die out quick. But if you want to try something different have a look at the oversized watch and start a trend!

Its time for me to give you that discount code you've been waiting for. If you want to buy yourself a watch then you may as well get it at the cheapest price possible.

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I hope you enjoyed this lens. Thanks for reading.